About Us

About Us

Amazenet was started in May 1998 as an information and technology consulting firm located in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia.

Business today needs to be fast, efficient, and constantly improving in order to create and sustain
a competitive advantage. Amazenet focuses on telecommunication design and support.
Amazenet's objective is to fully utilize the latest technology in communication infrastructure to support their
client's businesses in gaining that competitive advantage.

Amazenet has set a higher bar for competitors by immediately establishing the reputation as an excellent and reliable
telecommunication organization in the market. By maintaining the highest standards in state-of-the-art
technology and client focused partnerships, Amazenet has achieved a loyal and well satisfied customer base, that
continues to to enjoy the variety of communications and high-tech solutions.

At Amazenet we strive to offer comprehensive solutions to our customers' needs and requirements. In addition to our
highly qualified workforce, we have a state of the art technology and highly professional individuals
that are ready to step in to cover areas required by our customers so that we can deliver a complete and integrated

However, our greatest competitive advantage is the expertise and passion of out people and the true service mentality
that we embrace. We are motivated by our desire to provide unparalleled total solution to our client's needs and requirements.
We measure our performance by the percentage of repeated customers.

Our Vision & Values:

As we shape the future of communications technology in the region, out employees strive to earn and maintain the respect and trust
of our clients. Amazenet's values are excellence as we demand it and continuously search for new and better ways to provide
the best solutions for our clients. Teamwork is why our projects are all success stories! We work in partnership with our clients
and local vendors to deliver premium solutions.
Amazenet acts as an ally and an extension of the client's workforce We are passionately committed to overcome every challenge
we come across. Integrity we always deliver on our promises.

What differentiates AmazeNet?

After establishing Amazenet we anchored a set of three values:

  • Integrity
  • Ethicality
  • Quality

In Amazenet each client is the most important client and every asset and knowledge we have to support them. To ensure that we don't
deviate from our core values we continuously invest in developing out human capital, improving our network capacity, and internal systems and
processes' capabilities in order to develop unique value propositions which helps us deliver an outstanding experience and competitive
advantage to our customers.